BAE Flange

BAE Flange

What is the BAE Flange?

Benton Piping Systems has a new cost saving flanging solution to address key piping requirements, reduce expenditure for greenfield, brownfield projects and ongoing maintenance cost components for industry clients.

The BAE Flange upholds and conforms to all international manufacturing design standards with raised face or flat face finishes (e.g. ANSI, ASME, ASME, AWMA, B 16 5 AS 2129 and ISO 9001) and has been specifically designed to embody a number of advantages over the current existing flange designs.

Achievable Proven Benefits

  • Reduction of setup costs and fit up time by up to 70%
  • Reduction of welding time for rubber lining and ceramic lined pipe spools by up to 50%
  • Complete elimination of re-machining of gramaphone flange face after welding
  • Field Fit Welds (and in particular on elevated pipe racks) can be completed in an effective time saving manner as the BAE Flange is a perfect fit each time, every time.
  • Incorporating pre-determined offsets (standard set back limit and cut list measurement available upon request) removing the need for manual measurements with squares and difficult 90 degree (installation of flanges to pipe).
  • Significantly improves the accuracy and time taken to calculate pipe cutting list thereby reducing calculation time and miscalculation errors.
  • Strategically placed welding grooves to reduce welding time and increase bond strength.
  • Improved life expectancy of the flange installation due to greater seal integrity
  • No requirement to re-machine ir re-gramaphone flange face

Types of Flanges

  • BAE A Q replaces ANSI 150 Slip On Raised Face for standard quick fit and weld up
  • BAE A R for rubber lined slurry lines
  • BAE A C for ceramic or poly lined or slurry lines
  • BAE E Q replaces Table E AS 2129 Slip On Raised Face for standard quick fit and weld up
  • BAE E R for rubber lined slurry lines